As a bilingual editor, I have developed a muscle and an instinct to read, polish and organize ideas. I have also managed and executed massive scale and artisanal web projects that involved expressing concepts and getting my points across to multiple teams, including techies, marketing gurus and administrative wizards.

Working for websites, magazines and literary exhibitions,  I have learned to balance the medium and the message, to filter information and  find the most suitable platform, language and format to achieve effortless communication with the selected audience.

I love reading all sorts of text and exploring their contexts.  Being an avid reader and a curious researcher, I have developed a discerning eye that appreciates clarity and beauty, respects traditions and essential rules and sets values according to the project and trends.

Among others, I have worked for The New York Times Company and Meredith Corporation. You can read some samples and a brief description of my duties in Print and Digital.