Críticas at the Library Journal

The Library Journal is a publication and website cater to librarians that recommends books for their collections. They have more than 180,000 unique visitors a month.  Críticas is an English speaking guide to the Spanish latest titles.  I loved these assignments because they kept me updated on the ups and downs of the Spanish speaking fiction and non-fiction market. I read about 15 books in Spanish and reviewed them in English in about eight months. These are my top 3 favorites: Largueza de cuento corto chino, Paraíso Portátil, y Pájaros en la boca.


The L Magazine

The L Magazine is a Brooklyn based publication, with a circulation of 105,000, that reviews New York City events, nightlife and culture. I wrote three features about New York history, politics and landmarks, and several music and film reviews. The articles are under my maiden name Angela Fajardo.


Metro New York

Metro is a free daily newspaper written and designed for young professionals published in more than 100 major cities. I wrote 16 street interviews and more than 50 topper reviews on film, music, dance, art and events. Also I wrote the Around Town, a selection of recommended cultural events for the weekend. The articles are under my maiden name Angela Fajardo.

Additional samples of the print editions of both Metro and The L Magazine here: Clips


Popular de lujo

Popular de lujo is an award winning Bogota’s pop culture and urban iconography website with 80,000 unique visitors a month. I had the pleasure to write reviews about historical sites, architecture and curious street names for them. The entries are under my maiden name Angela Fajardo. They also wrote a cute blurb about me.