High hopes or raison d’etre

Novel + Books +  Eating

I’ve been writing a bilingual novel about people that eat books. This is indeed a thought provocative tag line and I’d like to share a bit of the inspiration and idea-knitting process behind it, with the high hopes of getting feedback and collect wisdom to solve some mysteries and constrains that I have set up for myself and the text. In return, I’ll make lists and collect pleasurable findings.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with food and it has generated all sorts of new developments in my body and mind. Being conscious about what I put in me and how I transformed has lead to unusual discoveries in my understanding of the world and its dictionaries.  It has had a high impact in my process of writing making the revision of the novel a digestion of stimulus and thoughts that I wish to celebrate.

Best Vehicle for a Bilingual Story

Traditionally, the creative and writing process is a full exploration of aloneness but I started with the  intention to approach the current evolutions of digital and print editions under the prism of transcending dualities and exploring the meeting points and borderlines of different mediums, channels of distribution, and interaction/collaborations with future readers or co-creators.

I want to tell a bilingual story, treating different languages as complements and celebrating the untranslatable. I have built a narrative arch and now, I’m ready to get some spurious collaboration on the outcomes and the discovery of the best platform to tell my story.


The moment we are living and the technologies that we have available, made me wonder about the subtleties writing,  reading and sharing. We have options and platforms, the internet is becoming a massive sea of data and our relationship with language is evolving, bilingual, not only mean speaking others tongue, it combines having a digital persona, writing code, navigating and filtering with the best lenses. I have many, many questions about this, so does everybody else, so I want to keep a record of both, smart questions and curious answers.

Habits + memory

Often I also wonder about the habits of writers and their daily rituals. How do they balance fact-finding and deep research -vital stages in the creative process- with spontaneous expression and self- exposure?  Do they privilege routine or experiencing? My secret wish for this space is to be able to map and explore the attitudes, mysteries and practices that unfold professional reading, browsing, researching and hopefully create a record of a writing life.

I have to confess that I have attempted to do this before, and I kind of like a few things of what I wrote at that time when I moved to the woods and being a real bookworm was all that there was in the horizon.