DIY Days 2012

Fascinating projects. Fascinating people.  My random notes -a mismatch with no attribution- define but don’t confine. Poetic, epic, collective. Much in the spirit of the event.

Design. Introduction of order, mechanisms to channel creative energy deliberately.Medium for human liberty. Process of realizing intentions: intuition- action- steps.

Play. Unlocking the imagination of many. From structure to improvisation. Silliness.
System to interact with- structure for reference. Rules.Objective. Rules for what you are trying to do and how to do it.

Happiness. Explore space. The process becomes part of the goal shapes the result. Skill and challenge. Difficult unusual interesting pushing against the boundaries of a system. Reimagine yourself. Someone different in a completely different world. From the constrain to our lives to constrains we choose. Forcing us constantly to rememeber how we exist and how others exit. Play and structure totally interconnected. Set of rules under the ones we can create in a safe environment and have people enjoy participation.

Story Pirates. Needs to be awesome, memorable. Put imaginations together. Communal narrative.
What drives what you want to say? Not everything has to be digital. Swimming in a sea of data that is like oil. Digital footprint/ empowering story.

Digital literacy. how to make sense of your life in a digital world.

Creative technologist. Whats the best medium for your purpose? Understands limits and abilities. Ask question that you didn’t even know exist. What kind of experience do you want to create? Discuss project w open mind/ main goals
Input partner with them. Adjust expectations and budget. Agile iterative development.


World building. Establish sense of time and place. Different languages in the movie.

Characterization. Who the people are? Secrets? Relationship characters and audience. Letters. Pinterest. Post a Secret.

***Digression to think about MZLB script. What happens before love happens: questions about love or how we remember love/ how do we talk about love? How do you learn how to talk about love? Record successful stories.Is there a way to tell a love story differently? Tell us what lead you to fall in love? How did you change to be ready? Versions of stories.

Guarantee an audience. Quantify collective imagination.

Backstory. Interesting but not necessary. Secrets, revelations and origins. Context.

Tensions and problems.
Depth vs scale/ emerging vs friction. The hardest you make them work, the least of them. Each piece important enough for your audience to find it- fragmentation.

How fragmented do you make your story. Shallower for more people- eg cross linking .

Vision and resources. Audience attention. Money. Time. Things that have to happen. What could you cut from your story and still tell a good story?

Essentials of transmedia project. Artist-look. Technologist. Writers. Project manager. Storytelling.Using stories to connect with audiences and connect with consumers. Understanding fundamentals, the path to make your vision a reality. Create because there’s a demand for it. Is there an audience that is going to buy it? Turn yourself into an expert.
Brand emotional message to connect with a consumer- if I work with a brand who will these brands be?
How do you take your story and pitch it to? How to create personal brand business model? Sustainability model and revenue stream. Demands, need and authenticity. Co-creators. Creating valuable participatory experiences with the audience. What you are doing and whats the value? Other people and how. Core consumer metrics.

New Film School. Created a blog. Email newsletter -first marketing tool. Mail chip. FB & twitter next (not sticky)
PDF giveaway. Gift economy. Special exclusive content that you can developed.

Transmedia en español.

Artisanal web.

Wicked solutions to a wicked problem.

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