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On Gabriel García Marquez

Lovely Guernica Magazine invited me to write about how reading the Colombian Literature Nobel Prize Winner shaped my views. It was a great honor. “Whoever has read Gabriel García Márquez has a story. The first book my grandpa lent me was his beloved copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude and I remember seeing this … Continue reading

Google hates bilingual people

I have remained undecided on the Google versus privacy debate until trying to research on story telling, I came to experience the new enforcements, stronger limitations that were shadows are now unbearable. Because I live in NY and there’s no way of turn of my location, Google think that I only speak English. If I … Continue reading

DIY Days 2012

Fascinating projects. Fascinating people.  My random notes -a mismatch with no attribution- define but don’t confine. Poetic, epic, collective. Much in the spirit of the event. Design. Introduction of order, mechanisms to channel creative energy deliberately.Medium for human liberty. Process of realizing intentions: intuition- action- steps. Play. Unlocking the imagination of many. From structure to … Continue reading