On Gabriel García Marquez

Lovely GuernicaL1090307 Magazine invited me to write about how reading the Colombian Literature Nobel Prize Winner shaped my views. It was a great honor.

“Whoever has read Gabriel García Márquez has a story. The first book my grandpa lent me was his beloved copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude and I remember seeing this cover in his bookshelf since before I had learned to read. In my family politics are seldom spoken, a sort of bitter legacy from the days when my grandparents left the countryside between partisan wars. Shared reading of García Márquez’s books was a way of finding an outlet for feelings kept and unsaid. From one page to the other he can go from the heaviness of massacres to the solace of reading to the juices of lust. The politician in him made us argue. The magician made us love him.”

Read the complete essay at Guernica.